Our Healthy Teen Lifestyle Routine… | Mescia Twins

Our Healthy Teen Lifestyle Routine… | Mescia Twins

Enjoy Our Healthy Teen Lifestyle Routine! This is more of a Daily, Morning to Night routine and how we stay healthy while we are teens πŸ™‚

Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0SJbiyvoXgKQiFVaCfXjb6?si=_q9KxNmsRGae-kGgKndwFQ

Journel Prompts:
– What made me happy…
– What i learnt…
– I am Grateful for…
– Tomorrow i am going to…
– Right now im feeling…
– In three words, this week was…
– What i did this week (Nutrition, Exercise, mind/soul)
– What i learnt this week (Nutrition, Exercise, Mind/soul)
– How im progressing with my top 3 goals…
– What held me back this week and how can i change that…
– Habits id like to change or start…
– Next week im going to…

We are so so grateful for every single one of you and thank you for sticking around and being apart of our journey every day! xx

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Ash β™‘
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Liv β™‘
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The Offical Mescia Twins β™‘
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TikTok: ‘@MesciaTwins’

Business Contact: mesciatwinsbusiness@gmail.com

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We love you all so so much!
Muah xoxoxox

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