Sticking to a Healthy Diet in an Unhealthy World with Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson | Organixx

Sticking to a Healthy Diet in an Unhealthy World with Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson | Organixx

With sugary foods EVERYWHERE & pressure from family to indulge on special occasions, it’s no wonder that we’re living in the dark age of food. Hear from weight loss expert Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson in today’s episode. Get more tips:

Hey friend, we gave Doc the week off to bring you this video with Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, founder of Bright Line Eating. Bright Line Eating has also been INSPIRING countless people to eat clean, all-natural, healthy foods!

Watch as Dr. Peirce Thompson discusses the alarming rate of adults who are already plagued with diabetes and why she fears for this next generation…

Discover her tips for interacting with family members who might not understand healthier lifestyle decisions.

You would never push a cigarette on someone who kicked the habit, nor would you pressure someone with a drink if they gave up liquor. Sugar can be just as harmful so we need to respect everyone throughout their “Journey to Wellness.”

We know it can get rough, but if you’ve committed to yourself to give up harmful sugary foods, do your best to stick to your guns… even if grandma’s blueberry pie is staring you in the face on Easter morning!

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